The San Sebastastin peninsula is a marine and land protected area and completely undiscovered. The opportunity to experience it and paddle a surfski is rare and something few will ever do.

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The Trip

A luxurious surfski experience, based from a single location on the Mozambique coast. Daily paddles are organized in a truly majestic setting.

The accommodation is a privately-owned lodge that is luxurious and comfortable. Everything from food, drinks and snacks to travel logistics, equipment, adventures and coaching is included.

Jasper Mocke

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The location


Along the east coast of Africa lies a country, largely untouched and as beautiful as you could imagine.

Mozambique is rich in natural resources, biologically and culturally diverse, and has a tropical climate. Its extensive coastline, fronting the Mozambique Channel, which separates mainland Africa from the island of Madagascar, offers some of Africa’s best natural harbours. For us that means endless and varied paddling options!

About a third of the way up its coastline is a little city. Realistically, it’s more of a village and is the hub for a huge wilderness and entry to the Bazaruto archipelago. South of that is the San Sebastian peninsula, a marine and land protected area that lies along the east coast and is reached by boat. The peninsula creates a vast lagoon to the western side and to the north and eastern sides, islands and sand banks provide some of the best and varied paddling options we have ever experienced.

The paddling


Ocean meets lagoon on the east coast and creates awesome paddling conditions that are varied and endless.

There are options to suit all skill levels. The tide has a huge influence and knowledge of the channels, currents and sand banks is crucial as you navigate through the lagoon to and around small islands of the archipelago. Sand banks are constantly shifting and create small waves where the ocean pushes into the lagoon that are rideable and go on forever! Further into the lagoon lie untouched mangroves. At high tide we explore them and find secret channels that end up on land. Spotting Eland and occasionally Zebra from the water on these adventures is likely. Beyond the protected waters of the lagoon lies the Indian ocean. Steady trade winds from the south form downwind conditions in a magnificent tropical ocean. We load the surfski’s onto the boat in search of the best downwind routes. After a ride out to sea we’ll jump off and surf back. In front of our doorstep at the lodge the calm water provides a perfect setting for coaching. You’ll work on technique, set-up and training methods to improve your paddling in a majestic setting.




You land at Vilankulos airport and after a quick drive to the water, you’ll be on the boat on your way to the lodge. The wind might be up so be prepared for some spray! It’s warm and protected though so no need to batten down the hatches for this boat ride. After arriving at the lodge and settling into your rooms you settle down for some light snacks as we chat you through the plan for the week and what you can expect. We set up your surfski for the week and we go for our first paddle from the lodge to get the body going. If the tide is high enough, we paddle in and out of the nearby mangroves while back home our chef is preparing dinner. After our paddle and a sundowner on the beach we gather for dinner and the evening takes its course.

An early sunrise and perhaps some jetlag meant you went for a beach walk before a glorious breakfast is served out on the verandah. The tide is dropping so we use the current and paddle to a nearby uninhabited island and circumnavigate it! After we get back to the lodge for lunch and a mid-day rest, we do a technique session right in front. If there’s still sunlight left, we head out for an evening game drive and to reflect on a great day.

We head out early for a scenic drive along some of the peninsula’s sandy tracks to a bird hide and enjoy some coffee and customary rusks. Mid-morning you’ll have time to yourself. As the tide start rising, we head out on the boat to Jesse’s wave, a sand bank where the ocean pushes into the lagoon and forms magnificent waves. We set up camp on the island with drinks and snacks at hand. After we’ve ridden loads of long waves those that are up for it paddle home in the setting sun while the weary catch a lift on the boat.

By now you’re into the swing of things. You are relaxed and your mind is content. Now you’re really on holiday! We hop on the boat and motor deep into the lagoon to explore the mangroves by surfski. The tide has now swung, and we capitalize on the dropping tide and paddle a swift 12km back to the lodge just in time for lunch. After some ‘you’ time, perhaps spent reading a book, chatting or sleeping, we practice downwind principles in front of the lodge.

We head out to Magaruque Island for another circumnavigation. There is also a reef on the exposed side of the island with some great waves to ride. After paddling around, we grab the snorkels and goggles and explore a magnificent secret reef nearby and enjoy a picnic on the island. Time just drifts away, and we drive home by boat late afternoon. It’s a beautiful evening and the tide is high. We hop on the surfski’s and paddle through mangroves as the sun sets. Once again, a special day is sealed by fantastic food, drinks and company.

It’s downwind day! We drive the boat up the lagoon in calm water. At our launch spot the experienced paddlers hop over the dune, negotiate some surf and head out for a downwind. The rest of the group does their downwind in protected waters. The boat follows the inside group, and everyone meets up further down the coast.

The wind is still blowing. From the lodge we get straight onto our surfskiis and downwind across the lagoon toward Vilanculos. After spending some time on the beach and in and around the lodge we drive to the other side of San Sebastian peninsula to a local community looking for game on the way and stopping for sundowners on the hill before we return to a world class dinner at the lodge.

It’s the last morning and we must get on the water one last time! Just like the other days the breakfast is superb and the perfect send off after a magical week. Just before lunch we’re on our way to the mainland for a quick airport transfer and flight home.




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