On the Iconic Miller's Run

The MOCKE DOWNWIND CAMPS are the perfect opportunity for you to follow your downwind passion, further your downwind skills and take a downwind paddling trip, to one of the world’s most iconic destinations.  You will be accompanied and tutored by the Mocke brothers, passionate paddlers and both two of the world’s best downwinders.

World class downwind coaching on the world’s best downwind

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The Downwind Camps

The Downwind Camps is a 7 day surfski trip to Fish Hoek, South Africa to paddle surfski downwind on the Millers Run. The Camp is hosted by Dawid and Jasper Mocke, both world champions and downwind zealots. From touch down to departure you are in their hands and all details, from accommodation to equipment, are sorted.

There are 5 Camps to choose from, each lasting from Sunday to Saturday, Our first camp day is dedicated towards basic orientation, boat allocation and set-up and is a “no pressure” paddling day. This day we aim to get you comfy and ready to paddle in earnest.

After the orientation day (Sunday), each day begins and ends with paddling downwind.  If that’s not enough for you, we will do more!  This is your time where you get to do as much downwind paddling as you can handle, on the world’s best downwind route, with the world’s best paddlers.

You will receive specific training and instruction from Dawid and Jasper Mocke.  They will daily share with you their wealth of knowledge, session by session, and structured, so you can learn everything.  From the basic pillars of downwind paddling to finding the runs; from specific skill enhancing downwind drills to advanced racing tips; from stroke correction to paddle choice, length and angle; from boat choice to the perfect boat set-up; and from nutrition to the paddler’s ‘mind’ – under their keen eye you will flourish in your downwind and general paddling ability.


2024 - 2025


Arrival day is Saturday, the day before the camp starts. Sunday is the orientation day and first scheduled downwind is on Monday.

Limited to 6 paddlers per camp




Paddling experience of a lifetime. 





Here is a Brief Example of what a typical week’s activities may look like.


You touched down at Cape Town International airport, been picked up and taken to The Tuscan Villa in Fish Hoek. Depending on the time of your arrival you may take stroll to the beach and survey the town or if its late head straight to bed to get some rest after your flights. You’ve arrived on the Cape Peninsula in the spring and summer windy season and can’t help but feel some ‘butterflies’ in your stomach as you see and hear the wind blowing!


We meet at the Fish Hoek Beach Sports Club to allocate surfski’s and run through some of our basic downwind tips. We go paddling in Fish Hoek bay together to check that everyone is comfortable in with their set-up and practice remounts. We also set up all safety equipment so it’s ‘ready to go’ for a week of downwind paddling. We may paddle again before having a traditional South African braai or visit a local restaurant.


We meet at 08:00am and 3:00pm respectively each day. Dawid and Jasper explain the Millers Run route in detail and share the 3 pillars of downwind paddling before you set off together.
Between sessions we recommend a tour to visit the famous African penguin colony at Boulders Beach with breath-taking views across False Bay. Spend some time strolling along the historical Simonstown High Street. After the afternoon downwind you decide to find a restaurant in Fish Hoek for dinner.


Today’s downwinds are about “finding the runs”. Dawid and Jasper show you what to look for and how to get there. You have the option of paddling in the back of a double ski to fast-track some downwind skill.
The Cape of Good Hope – After breakfast we recommend that you tour to the most spectacular of seafaring sights – the Cape of Good Hope, the most majestic of all. You visit the Cape Point, see baboons, antelope and zebra and learn about the many shipwrecks along the coast, before heading back for the afternoon downwind paddle.


The “Downwind Drills” that the Mocke’s have used for years to perfect their downwind ability, is today’s focus. During the afternoon downwind we will continue working on these important exercises.
By this day it is normal to feel fatigued by all the paddling we have done! Our tour recommendation for this day is Kalk Bay. This bohemian village is where we will visit today. The plethora of art-deco and trendsetting stores can keep you busy for hours. Enjoy award winning coffee and world class seafood, while taking in the Kalk Bay working fish harbour sights.


It’s time to start putting the skills together. By now you are comfortable in your surroundings and completely confident on the Miller’s Run. This is normally when paddlers start to ‘play’ and experiment. Skill is on the up and the enjoyment factor of your downwind paddling has overtaken any trepidation there may have been. If it’s a flat day we asses conditions and may paddle around the Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point), a truly magical paddle.


Records Day! This will be the day to get your best Millers Run time to be forever recorded in the annals of history. Putting your new learned skills to use, you will be amazed at how you are flying downwind! Jasper and Dawid are right there next to you shouting encouragement.

We finish off the week by competing in the famous (or infamous) Seadog paddle race, which is famously, “Never Cancelled” no matter the conditions. A social evening follows where we can recount the week’s events.


Our final day of downwind paddling and you are loving it! It is normal to have mixed emotions on the last day of the Downwind Camps. You are in need of some rest but will truly miss the magical downwind and the rest of the group you have come to know throughout the week.
Depending on conditions we may do two downwinds back to back and you could even opt for a run in the double ski with Dawid or Jasper.
In the evening we will have another group braai or dinner together and reflect on a great week and hand out some ‘awards’ and say goodbye to each other, hopefully to meet again.


You will be picked up at the guest house for your transfer to Cape Town International airport for your return flight. Final goodbyes are said and as you leave the valley of Fish Hoek you are planning your return!


Cost for International Paddlers paying in USD ($) or equivalent.

Price is US$3750 per paddler

INCLUDES: 8 nights Accommodation, Breakfast, Ski rental, Transfers, All inclusive coaching, One group tour, 2 group dinners

EXCLUDES: Flights, Dinners, Lunches, any additional nights stay (and additional days ski rental)

DAY TOURS:  Are pre-arranged but cost is not included as they are optional.

Arranging own accommodation?


SELF CATERING INCLUDES: Ski rental, Transfers, All inclusive coaching, One group tour, 2 group dinners

SELF CATERING EXCLUDES:  Accommodation, all meals, Flights, Dinners, Lunches, additional days ski rental at US$75/day


For South African based paddlers paying South African Rand (ZAR)


INCLUDES: 8 nights Accommodation, Breakfast, Ski rental, Transfers, All inclusive coaching, 2 group dinners, 1 group tour.

EXCLUDES: Flights, Dinners, Lunches, any additional nights stay (and additional days ski rental)

DAY TOURS:  Are pre-arranged but cost is not included as they are optional.


SELF CATERING INCLUDES: Ski rental, Transfers, Twice daily downwinds, All inclusive coaching, 1 group dinner

SELF CATERING EXCLUDES:  Accommodation, all meals, Flights, Dinners, Lunches, additional days ski rental.


In order to take part in The Downwind Camps each paddler needs to be able to display the following minimum paddling ability:

  1. Paddle 10kms in under 70mins – You will need to be able to paddle 10kms in under 70mins. Please submit a timing track on application.
  2. Successfully complete 2 remounts in a minute. You will need to be able to do 2 remounts of your surfski, wearing your leash and your PFD, in under a minute. Please submit a short video with your application.

Set at the base of the most majestic cape in the world, the Cape of Good Hope, is the World’s best downwind paddle. The Miller’s Run is a 12km stretch of ocean buffeted by perfect winds to create perfect downwind conditions.  If you are hooked on downwind paddling, it’s paradise!

Starting at Miller’s Point, a few kilometers beyond the historical town of Simonstown, the coast runs perfectly parallel to the wind until it hits land in the beautiful Fish Hoek bay.

It’s an easy launch with a safe finish in the sheltered Fish Hoek waters.  No sweaty palms, dry palates or crooked necks worrying about surf.

JRH_7045The constant variation of wind and swell size caters for a broad spectrum of paddlers.  From beginner to experienced, the Millers Run is attainable and allows you to be as extreme as you want to be.  From “death defying” to “fantastic fun”, the Miller’s Run delivers epic downwind paddling conditions.

The Cape Town Downwind passes the Iconic Roman Rock Lighthouse. Just about halfway on the Miller's Run
The Cape Town Downwind passes the Iconic Roman Rock Lighthouse. Just about halfway on the Miller’s Run

The distance is perfect.  Long enough for a great outing in amazing conditions; short enough for anyone to make it.  Typically it can be done in an hour or less, with a round trip from start to finish taking only an hour and a half. Doing multiple downwind runs in one day is the norm.

Everything about this runs seems scripted:  the conditions, the distance, the launch, the finish – all of it is just perfect.  Now, to complete the script, the Millers Run needs you!JRH-19955

Set at the base of the most majestic cape in the world, the Cape of Good Hope, is the World’s best downwind paddle. The Miller’s Run is a 12km stretch of ocean buffeted by perfect winds to create perfect downwind conditions.  If you are hooked on downwind paddling, it’s paradise!

The Miller’s Run is the training ground for the Mocke brothers, Dawid and Jasper.  Everything that these two world champion paddlers have learnt about downwind paddling has happened on this stretch of water.  With their combined knowledge and experience you cannot ask for two better mentors, teachers and coaches.


If you are arriving before the The Downwind Camp starts or leaving after it finishes and you wish to paddle on those days it can be easily arranged.

The extra nights’ accommodation can be paid by you at the guesthouse directly and a surfski can be rented for those days. Should you require a coach/guide we can make someone available as well.

Please let us know about the extra stay when you book for The Downwind Camps.

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from Previous Paddlers

This is what other intrepid paddler’s had to say about their experience of THE DOWNWIND CAMPS.

Philip Paris-Browne
Philip Paris-Browne
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“I’ve travelled twice to the Mocke Brothers’ Downwind Camps in 2017 & 2018. The only reason I’ve not as yet returned is because of Covid. The camps are wonderfully structured providing excellent teaching, concentrating each session on a particular subject to be explored & practiced. This is done in the exciting False Bay where wind and waves can be found on 6 out of every 7 days. The Mocke brothers are willing and clear teachers and great at encouraging everyone to extend their personal boundaries. But most importantly they are passionate lovers of South Africa, it’s people and heritage. All in all the perfect holiday for anyone willing to travel to South Africa and enjoy everything that the township of Fish Hoek has to offer.”
Lina Zapata
Lina Zapata
Hong Kong
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I never imagined that I would learn so much in this camp, let alone feel thrilled and happy in crazy conditions. Every day brought a new adventure, lots of fun waves, new downwind skills, and shared moments with wonderful people from all over the world. Dawid, Jasper and their team are not only great coaches, they are generous, kind and overall cool human beings that made this whole experience a magical one.
Chathura Vishwanath
Chathura Vishwanath
Read More
1-The Mocke downwind camp is very specific towards downwind training for any paddler. 2-Dawid & Jasper shared their wealth of downwind paddling knowledge with me by breaking it down where it was necessary during the camp. 3-The camp gave me the confidence to sign up for most of the surfski paddling events in the world , with a race distance of approximately 20-30 km.
Colin Turner
Colin Turner
South Africa
Read More
Thanks once again for a fantastic downwind camp. Absolute highlight of my year and will always come back as often as I can. The camps are an amazing opportunity to gain confidence in the sea and to vastly improve your downwind skills in a relatively short time. Once you have been on a downwind camp you will never look back (at the swells behind you) again and your paddling will grow from strength to strength and most of all you will be having the fun of your life. Highly recommended!
Tatjana Baehr
Tatjana Baehr
Hong Kong
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These are the smiles after our very first Millers Run. Thanks to you guys we had the most amazing time on and off the water. With your guidance and advise I improved my downwind skills, it is as you always said ‘before Downwind Camp and after Downwind Camp’ and I am enjoying every moment on the water now, no matter how wild it gets! To many more paddling adventures. We can’t wait to see you all again!
Louis Eksteen
Louis Eksteen
South Africa
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The Mocke Downwind Camp I was lucky to be part of in January 2022 will stay with me as one of my all time best experiences. Under the guiding, watchful presence of Jasper and Dawid Mocke, paddling in and around False Bay and even around the magical Cape Point improved my downwind and general surfski paddling ability and confidence to no end. As a result I'm paddling the iconic Prescient Freedom Paddle in 2022 and might even attempt the Cape Point Challenge in future. Thank you Mocke Paddling and Paddle Africa for an incredible adventure. I'll be back.
Jan Ziegler
Jan Ziegler
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Probably one of the best weeks of my life. Epic paddling, nice people and good vibes.
Moshe Oved
Moshe Oved
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Ezra and I come all the way from Israel.We attended the january 2022 camp. We had a great time .You explained us how to downwind and followed us to correct our moves. The professinal ,safty, hospitalty, lovlyness from all the Moke family and stuf made our trip enjoyble and educational. We had a blast. We are coming back this year in november. Get ready.
Bruno Arboit
Bruno Arboit
Hong Kong
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I was fortunate to participate in the January 2020 Mocke Downwind Camp. A bucket list experience for me. I can’t wait to get back. If you want to experience unique, world renowned downwind conditions overseen by world champion surf ski paddlers, the camp is a must. To top it off, Dawid, Jasper and their team are the perfect hosts both on and off the water.