Miavana Madagascar

Miavana, Madagascar

A Paddling Adventure like No Other


Combine your passion for paddling and your thirst for adventure, with a stay on a remote private island.

From your first stroke to your last, expect your paddling adventure on Miavana to be unlike any you have ever experienced.

Quite simply, it is unrivalled.


ABOUT the Miavana adventure

Exclusive, Luxurious, Unique

A Private Paddling Adventure, in a unique setting, for any level of adventurous paddler.
  • A Remote Island
  • Exceptional conditions
  • Incredible downwinds
  • Any level of paddler
  • A modern day adventure

Miavana is a remote island sanctuary, located in a secluded archipelago, within a vast marine protected area, seemingly at the end of the planet. 

The paddling around Miavana is exceptional and suitable for each and every level of paddler. Whether you’re starting your surfski journey as a beginner, or searching for the wildest, most remote downwinds on the planet, Miavana is perfect.

When combined with the week you will spend in private-island luxury this is a modern-day adventure which simply cannot be replicated.

A Dream Come True
  • Small and Exclusive Luxury
  • World Class Paddling And Coaching
  • Partner and Family Friendly
  • A Lifetime of Memories


What to expect?

Stepping onto the island is like stepping into a dream where time stands still.

You will spend a week paddling in the waters surrounding one of the most remote luxurious private islands in the world with the Mocke brothers as your private guides and coaches.

They will design a paddling itinerary around your wishes and will facilitate every session and excursion within your ability level and appetite for adventure.

Not only will you be paddling on virgin waters, you will receive specific instruction and training from the Mocke brothers, drawing from their wealth of knowledge and experience. 

If you are being joined by a non-paddling partner or your family, you can rest assured that they will be soaking up the very best that this private island haven has to offer.

In-between paddling, there will be ample opportunity to explore and enjoy Miavana together, building memories that will last a lifetime.

You will leave refreshed, enriched, and also a vastly improved paddler.


2023 Season


Arrival & Departure days can can be tailored as you wish at the additional rate per day. First paddling day is a Sunday. Last Paddling Day is a Saturday.

Limited to 6 paddlers per trip.







Miavana is located on the largest of five islands in a remote archipelago off the northeastern coast of Madagascar, accessible only by helicopter from Diego Suarez and Nosy Be airports. Discovered 30 years ago by our partner Jean Christophe, an entrepreneur and treasure hunter who believed in conserving the area, this archipelago is a natural wonderland waiting to be explored.

Miavana has an interesting history – a transient location for seasonal fisherman, then a secret hideaway for pirates, and more recently a thriving seaweed farm, thanks its nutrient-rich waters. In 1998, Ibis Algoculture was created as a way to preserve the area, reduce fishing pressure and provide alternate employment through algae production. Still in operation, the seaweed farm moved to a nearby location and made way for sustainable tourism on Miavana, Madagascar’s most exclusive private island resort with conservation and community at its core.

It took four years to create Miavana. Four years of planting over 100,000 indigenous trees, painstakingly restoring the natural vegetation and using only natural and recycled materials to create the ultimate private villas. Dotted along the pristine beach, Miavana’s 14 villas are a masterpiece in luxury. Fringed by white sand shores and sprawling coral reefs, Miavana stays true to the island’s secluded roots, creating a luxurious haven where guests can enjoy our signature Miavana experience.


We have a full fleet of surfskis available catering for any paddling route or adventure we would like to embark on, as well as any level of paddler who would like to do it:

  • 6 x Epic V7 Rotomoulded Surfskis. Perfect for teaching new paddlers or non paddling partners or family members that would like to learn. They are also perfect for an island circumnavigation (12kms) or surfing the gentle reef wave behind the island
  • 2 x Fenn Bluefin (1st generation)
  • 2 x Fenn Swordfish (1st generation)
  • 3 x Epic V8 Pro Surfskis. Perfect for any paddling adventure in the area
  • 1 x Epic V8 Double ski. The ideal surfski to take anyone on any size downwind, anywhere.
  • 1 x Fenn Elite S Double Surfski. Perfect for longer paddle routes or downwinds for more experienced paddlers

Given the extremely remote location of Miavana, getting a fleet of surfskis to the island was no small feat. When you are travelling to Miavana you will understand why.

Our decision of surfskis to bring to the island was based on factors such as the wide range of expected conditions, the wide range of paddling ability to cater for and the expected repairs and maintenance potentially required.

We are confident that our selection of surfskis are well suited to providing a paddling adventure unlike any other. 

Miavana Surfski Week

Rates and Details




Cost for International Paddlers paying in USD ($) or equivalent.

Price is US$ 22 575 for the week, per person, not including additional stay.


For SADC Nationals paying in South African Rand (ZAR) there is a discounted rate.  Price on enquiry.


Still have questions?


+ Complimentary helicopter transfers from either Diego Suarez or Nosy Be
+ 7 Days of expert coaching and downwind paddling with either Dawid or Jasper Mocke
+ 3 Downwind heli shuttle trips
+ Luxury villa accommodation
+ All meals
+Children 13yrs and under stay free
+ Select premium wines, spirits and bar drinks
+ Butler service
+ Laundry
+ On-island activities
+ Half-day fishing trips


+ International flights
+ Visa fees
+ Covid arrival test
+ Covid departure test and related costs
+ Conservation levies (R1,500 per person
per day)
+ Reserve list wines, champagnes and spirits
+ Off-island helicopter adventures
+ Full day deep-sea fishing
+ Spa treatments
+ Boutique purchases
+ Gratuities & personal expenses

Paddling experience of a lifetime. 

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